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  • Keep pace with scientific and technological innovations and improve your knowledge by implementing laser technology with numerous treatment options.

  • Biophysical interactions and extensive theoretical and practical foundations are not standardized subjects of academic studies in Dentistry yet and therefor our courses will take you a step ahead in time .

  • This high scientifically and innovative treatment method can only be achieved with solid professional training.

  • Dental Laser Institute offers certified courses in the Benelux and helps you to meet your goal of becoming a dental laser specialist.

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Discover the world

of Laser Dentistry

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The Courses

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Ready to join the dental laser family?

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Our courses are for novice and experienced dental professionals  who want to improve their utilization of NEW trends in laser dentistry.  The Courses can be performed in groups or private in-office consulting (price on request) 

Dental Laser is a valuable addition for your  practice:

  • Precise and effective way to perform many dental procedures.

  • Improve dental procedure duration of exposure on the tissue (whether gum or tooth structure), allowing highly precision treatments of specific area of focus without damaging surrounding tissues.

  • Replacing the need for the traditional dental instruments or ultrasonic devices.

  • Dental laser helps to relieve the fear and anxiety patients experience.

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