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Tandarts kantoor

Discover Laser Dentistry!


Laser dentistry is gaining ground rapidly and dentists are eager to integrated this technology in there practise due to it's valuable assets and that is a very good sign. More and more, this form of dentistry is recognized and carefully applied.


Our courses are intended for dentists and dental hygienists who want to go for a high level of dental care in the Benelux.


By attending our courses, Dental Laser Specialist Richard Romp (Master in Laser dentistry at the AALZ) will give you more insight into the indispensable value of laser application  in dental practice.

Learning goals:


  • Which laser is suitable for your practice liner

  • Laser integration in your treatments

  • What forms of education are there

  • Marketing your laser in practice

  • Why laser dentistry

  • Limitations of laser dentistry

  • Benefits of laser dentistry

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